Corona parties throughout Europe

A screenshot of an Instagram story from someone I know in Berlin, Germany celebrating a ‘corona party’ in a club on Mar 14, 2020

I think I’m going to start a new series called The Real Europe. Inspired by the vast amounts of white worship and “first-world worship” by Malaysians towards various western countries (trivia: Germany is about as third-world as Malaysia as you’ll discover through this series), the goal here is to stamp out the vast amount of misinformation and propaganda/shilling that goes on throughout the internet on how great Europe is, and what’s really fundamentally wrong. The “real” side of Europe, so to speak. Let’s start off with the latest trend in Europe – Corona parties.

Now trending in Germany, Belgium and a few other countries across Europe are “corona parties”. The articles linked above are basically “People in Cologne enjoying “Corona-Parties”, City of Cologne is closing theatres and bars”(German news publication Der Westen) and “Belgium advised not to have social physical contact yet there are many lockdown parties” (Nieuwsblad).

Yup, they’re exactly as their name suggests – last minute parties amid this week’s announcement of scheduled closures of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues by governments as part of the COVID-19 lockdown in Europe, as well as gatherings in homes and offices around Europe with Corona beer.

These gatherings go against the necessary measures to prevent the transmission of this very infectious disease – mostly because many “first-world” Western Europeans still think that COVID-19 is a joke. Now, a lot of Americans are going out and about holding parties this weekend too, due to St. Patrick’s Day (basically an old-ass holiday with Irish origins and a modern-day excuse to drink like crazy).

Neither group is being smart, but you’ll only hear about the ‘irresponsible stupid Americans’ in the news and stories across the internet. And at least the Americans are only dumb and prioritizing getting wasted over staying safe. Meanwhile, there is a massive amount of denial of the coronavirus in Europe – they think it’s a hoax, that it isn’t a big deal, that it’s overblown by the media, that it only affects old people, or people who have existing conditions (despite facts showing otherwise).

Many Europeans are actively going out there in an attempt to call out the boy who cried wolf, despite all the data showing that all of them are headed on the same trajectory towards the 21,000 cases that Italy has today (on March 14, 2020).

Meanwhile in Italy, this is what the newspapers look like on the same day (14 March 2020) – yes that’s 10 pages of obituaries. And still far too much of the German, Belgian, Dutch, etc populations still don’t care and continue downplaying the whole issue as a joke and that all the “idiots” are “overreacting” to this “corona-hysteria”.

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