Every single date in 2021 so far and how they went: Part 1 of 4

Thanks to getting my self-confidence hammered in by my abusive parents and school bullies, then living in Germany for way too many years, I’ve only recently started learning my way around how to date like a normal person at a ripe age of nearly 30. I’ve been posting my findings in hopes of helping others like me by lifting the veil off the many realities behind dating that are politically incorrect and socially unacceptable to talk about. Here’s what I observed going on dates literally every single week since the new year started.

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Dating and the high demand for sociopaths

Sociopaths are described as people who behave in a manipulative way without regard for how their behavior affects people around them. I’ve decided I’d like to be a sociopath while on my little dating adventure. Or at least put on the same sociopathic mask that so many people in society seem to be wearing today. Why? Because sociopaths aren’t just rewarded in today’s dating world, they’re in ridiculous demand!

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