I don’t find the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown boring, in fact I’m loving it

Back in the 1940’s, people had to go out and risk death during World War 2 to defend their society and they did it. In the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, most people just have to stay at home and relax to help the situation, yet far too many of them can’t seem to do it. Barely a month in and there’s lots of complaining that the lockdown is boring; that they can’t wait to ‘get this over with’ and ‘be done with lockdown’ in the next 2-4 weeks. I’ve locked myself down at home for over a month now and am far from being bored – here’s how I’m enjoying it.

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Fake friendliness: Work colleagues are not real friends

The average number of friends I’ve made per company I’ve worked for is two. I’m not a serial job hopper but I’ve worked at enough companies to have a reasonable sample size for that. I define “friends made at working at a company” as people who even bother to stay in touch after one of you has left the company. That’s a very low bar, yet somehow the takeaway number isn’t high. And so begins the short story and lesson on why coworkers are not your friends.

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The true imbalance in employee “work-life balance”

How much free time an employee working 40 hours a week really has

Alternative title: How much free time does a “40 hour work week” white collar employee actually have? The short answer is not nearly as much as you think. Companies often boast about “work-life balance”, commonly described as working 40 hours (+/- 5 hours) a week, which the media gladly slurps up and parrots to make everyone feel better, and many people blindly believe and celebrate (see: your LinkedIn news feed).

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