Asian guy dating in America/Europe: On giving up and moving back to Asia

This is a sequel to the post I wrote nearly two years ago on results of first-hand data on dating discrimination as an Asian guy. Today we’re going to go over more upsetting truths about dating as an Asian guy in the western hemisphere, and why that’s ultimately driven me to move back. And moving back was something that’s never even crossed my mind until recent times.

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Corona parties throughout Europe

A screenshot of an Instagram story from someone I know in Berlin, Germany celebrating a ‘corona party’ in a club on Mar 14, 2020

I think I’m going to start a new series called The Real Europe. Inspired by the vast amounts of white worship and “first-world worship” by Malaysians towards various western countries (trivia: Germany is about as third-world as Malaysia as you’ll discover through this series), the goal here is to stamp out the vast amount of misinformation and propaganda/shilling that goes on throughout the internet on how great Europe is, and what’s really fundamentally wrong. The “real” side of Europe, so to speak. Let’s start off with the latest trend in Europe – Corona parties.

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