Dating and the high demand for sociopaths

Sociopaths are described as people who behave in a manipulative way without regard for how their behavior affects people around them. I’ve decided I’d like to be a sociopath while on my little dating adventure. Or at least put on the same sociopathic mask that so many people in society seem to be wearing today. Why? Because sociopaths aren’t just rewarded in today’s dating world, they’re in ridiculous demand!

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The miserable life living in Germany that you need to know about

The line outside the German visa office at 3am. Only walk-in appointments due to the super high-tech appointment website in 2015.

Never in my life had I imagined I’d live in Europe. But in trying to escape living with my abusive hoarder dad, and being told all my life that Malaysia is a hell hole that I needed to escape from in general, and being tired of the US immigration system’s difficulty, I found myself living in Germany for a good amount of time. Since the early 2010’s, it has actually been incredibly easy to enter Germany, either as a student or worker, and attain German permanent residence shortly after. As I later would discover, there’s good reason why Germany doesn’t have skilled immigrants lining up at its door…

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The defeatist yet selfish attitude of European gamers

Just to be clear 0-8 referred to a single player’s score, the overall score was 10-26 at 22 minutes

I’ve been playing video games for well over 2 decades, with more hours playing than I care to admit. There was once I picked up Payday 2 and put something like 400 hours into the game within a month. I’ve also lived in many countries, the ones I’ve spent a significant amount of time in being America, Germany and Malaysia. Having been in Europe for several years now, I can’t help but notice something unique about gamers here that I’ve never seen on the 2 other continents where I’ve lived.

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